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Pronounced (TEE-WILLS)
A mentally retarded bisexual male or female who believes that they are superior to all those around them. Although they are really good at absolutely no skills, except being an ignorant and annoying nuisance. They have absolutely no accomplices, friends, or acquaintances, and therefore is an outcast in society and will eventually end up as either a prostitute, homeless person, slave worker, criminal, or committing suicide.
"Shut up T-Wils, you were born when two women were v-ing together."

"Wow, T-Wils, you have no friends!"

"T-Wils, rocking on like soldier boy."
by Memnoc Venatin September 27, 2009
This week I learned
TWIL: Pickles are actually cucumbers.
by supercoffee May 24, 2015
abbreviation used by balla motha fuckas meaning The Weed Is Lit
Twitter: chillin with the bros and an oz #TWIL
by smokeweedstroke3s June 11, 2011
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