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The name of T-Pain and Lil Wayne's group. The two are collaborating to make an album together called "He Rap He Sing" in late 2008, early 2009. The first single is "Got Money" which is featured on Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter III".
"I can't wait for T-Wayne's first album together!"

by Mippey5 July 10, 2008
Any song featuring both Lil' Wayne and T-Pain.
Boy: Dayum Who's this beat?
Girl: It's the new joint by Twayne.
by Danica G July 11, 2008
The little bugs you find in your pubic hair
Dude, stop picking twaynes off your pubes
by hootmasterflex July 22, 2008
The ultimate hip hop duo featuring T-Pain & Lil Wayne.
Lil Wayne raps, T-Pain sings...
In the rap video of "Got money" by T Pain and Lil Wayne, why do they wear shirts that say "He raps" and "He sings..."?

Cuz, thats the name of the soon to be album from the rap duo, T-Wayne.
by John T. Wayne September 21, 2008
lil waynes new alter-ego as an R&B singer
soon to be heard on his supposed new album "Luv Sawngz"
idiot: "Yo i love T-Pain"
josh: "Man... fuck T-Pain..its all about T-Wayne"
b-more: "ye"
by P.M.B. March 30, 2008
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