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T-town is an abbriviated forn of Tampa, Florida. I guess it it could be any town or city that begins with the letter T, so, it's a universial name for a city or town beginig with the letter T. No T-town is better than any other T-town
Jen: Where you going on vacation, Gramma?
Gramma: We are going to see friends that retired to T-town
Jen: Which T-town, Gram?
Gramma:Tampa- the finest of all T-towns, you should know better, young lady!
Jen: Sweet! Will you get me a t-shirt, please?
Gramma: Of course, sweetie.
by ms.hahne August 09, 2006
An abreviation for any village, town, city, or populated area whose legitimate name starts with T. Often used by youth to make their current location sound more "street".
I live in Tacoma, WA - T-Town.
My friend lives in Toronto - T-Town.
by Mad_Rhetoric September 25, 2005
Ttown is also a term of endearment for Tacoma, Washington. When you come to Ttown don’t miss our glass museum ( Dale Chihuly’s home town) and our many shops and exhibits of urban art. We have our own railroad, light-rail, and good bus system.

Ttown is located 30 miles south of Seattle, Washington.
by TTownT July 12, 2008
Tulsa was originally named Tulsey town when it was founded back in the 19th century. It was given the nickname T-Town, and later, by the time it was an official city in1897, it's name had already been changed to Tulsa while retaining the nickname T-town.
"We're going from OKC up route 66 to T-Town."
by mazeppa May 08, 2009
We plan on going from OKC to T town by route 66
by mazeppa May 08, 2009
Reference to the city of Tulsa Oklahoma
Let's all go to T-Town!
by Poguezilla May 01, 2008
Reference to Tuscaloosa, Alabama -- the official college town of the University of Alabama.

Also doubles as the other Tuscaloosa, Alabama nickname (as it relates to the University of Alabama football program's all-time, NCAA-leading 12 national titles): Title Town.
"This year, Bama plays Auburn at Bryant-Denny, so the Barners will get their asses kicked in T-town."

"Winning 12 national football titles -- which is more than any other school in the country -- warrants calling Tuscaloosa Title Town (T-town)."
by Stays Crunchy In Milk October 23, 2008
referance to Tulsa Oklahoma. used mostly in the punk/rock/music scene.
"Crowd Chant: T-Town! WxC!"
by T-Town WxC. November 14, 2008