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"Turd Crossing" The act of inserting a funnel into the anus of your partner and taking a dump in said funnel, thus creating the effect of crossing one's turds with another's.
-"Ever tried trossing?"

-"Yeah bro, that bitch got fat ass and an industrial size funnel...I'd tross that."
by tross4life May 25, 2011

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When a ginger with stubby arms is on top of a chick and she gives him a handjob while he supports himself over her and he cums on her chest.
Person 1: Dude what did you do last night?

Person 2 (ginger): Well I got real high and came on Brittany's chest

Person 1: Awesome! How did T-Rossing her feel?
by Millerpede November 11, 2009