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Stage crashing.
"Oh, you T-Paining right now, huh," to Lil' Mama @ 2009 MTV VMA's - Jay Z

T-Pain stage crashing Jay Z during a set while spittin "D.O.A". Lil' Mama invading the stage during Jay Z and Alicia Keys' set at the 2009 VMA's.
by G Nice September 16, 2009
To crash ones performance/event by jumping on stage with performer. Usually accompanied with the fact that they are in no way supposed to be on stage. Origin comes from Jay-Z remarks to Lil Mama crashing his performance at the 2009 VMA's
Jay-Z to Lil Mama after crashing the stage at the VMA's: "Oh, you T-Paining me right now?"
by Serena Williams Jr. September 16, 2009
Saying something inappropriate and sexual with a filthy mind.
She's always T-Paining about mundane things like seeing a license plate that appears to spell "penis."
by Bringing the T-Paining June 24, 2011
someone who can't sing but uses auto-tune to make them sound good because they are to cheap to get someone who can sing to sing it for them
All the t-paining mainstream rappers are doing is killing my ears but helping their bank accounts
by L.B.M November 09, 2011
To auto-tune in badass way. To T Pain. To T Pain it up. Only to be used when the auto-tuning doesn't suck.
He was really T Paining last night.

Yea, he T Pained it up, not like that other jerk.
by caliphia April 14, 2011
To rudely interrupt somebody while they are busy doing something important. Like T Pain did to Jay Z at Hot 97 Summer Jam, crashing the stage like shit is sweet. Later done to Jay AGAIN buy Lil Mama at the VMAs. This is where Jay coined the phrase, '' You T-Paining Right Now''.
You makin a business call tryin to get job or make moves and your girl tryin to argue with you or have a convo. Tell the B****to stop T-Paining you
by That718foreal October 14, 2009
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