a city in Riverside County full of fake Bros and Bro Hoes who all think they are original with their lifted trucks and their "exclusive" style.which for "Bros" consist of high black socks. dickies. fox, skin, socal or famous T-shirts and hats with the bills all the way up. and for the "Bro Hoes" : bleached blonde and black hair. really short skirts. high platform shoes. and slutty tops from No Fear. they all pretend that they ride, but most havent ever seen the desert. they smoke weed, drink budlight and claim they D.G.A.F.
braaaapppp braaaappp T-MEC fo life homie
by ALLiSON CARTER February 09, 2008
Top Definition
Tracy McGrady's expiring contract
It's too bad the Knicks' GM isn't Isiah Thomas. That moron would definitely take T-Mec off our hands.
by Daryl Morey February 11, 2009
A large-bodied individual who moves slowly, even lackadaisically, but wields influence without exerting an enormous amount of effort.
Shaq is a T-Mec off the court.
by T-Mec fan September 08, 2009
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