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- shortened version of T.W.S.S. or T.W.H.S., meaning "That's what she said," or, "That's what he said," respectively; generally used when authority figures are around in order to make a joke without getting in trouble

- origin: inspired by the use of "That's what she said" on the TV show The Office; T-Dubb was first used on June 28, 2008 in room 235 of Candlewood Suites in Lansing, Michigan while playing rock band
Officer: (giving driver a breathalyzer test) You need to blow harder.
Passengers: T-Dubb

by The Jackson 5 July 15, 2008
1.) Name for a pimp, and/or player.
2.) A black gangsta thats actually white.
Taylor is a t-dubbs.
"Stick it in me T-Dubbs!!!"
"I totally T-Dubbs'ed my girlfriend last night!"
by Billie Joe doofus October 05, 2007