A name given to phunkalicious friends who have cool clothes and hair
I hang out with T-bone steak to improve my social status.
by Amix December 20, 2004
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Top Definition
A variation of steak. The T-Bone Steak comes from the vertebrae of a bovine animal.

It is eaten with the "T" shaped bone still present, thus being referred to as a "T-Bone" steak.

It is a very popular steak among many people, as it is rich in flavour.
"I'll have one T-Bone steak please, medium-rare, with onions and A1 steak sauce."

"I asked Sanjay Singh if he wanted any T-Bone steak to eat. He said it was against his religion to eat steak."

"Senior chief, let's stop at the Goat Locker and eat some T-Bone steak, I heard it's really good."
by The Right Honourable Laqueesha October 10, 2015

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