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A game to play in a chat room to get to know each other.
Familiar to Truth or Dare.

T stands for Truth
P stands for Percent

First person asks the second : T or P ?
Second picks T or P

If he picked T that means you have to ask him a question on which he can answer only ''Yes'' or ''No''

If he picked P that means you have to ask him a question on which he can answer in percents ( See example )

After every answer you change, so the second person asks the first and so on.
Guy 1: T or P ?
Guy 2: T
Guy 1: Are you a virgin?
Guy 2: No

Guy 1: T or P ?
Guy 2: P
Guy 1: How many percent do you love Kerly?
Guy 2: 80%
by iKanks July 24, 2010
Breasts. Derived from "torpedoes." Used to refer to the breasts of someone that you work with. A wink-wink type office friendly code.
"Nice torps."
by Jocko Malloy March 11, 2004
To smoke hookah and weed together. Invented january 2nd.
Gil: dude you wanna torp it?
Ameet: ya I'm comin over right now
by gil ameet cathy giselle January 02, 2010
Noun: a period after a heavy meal where one needs to sit and not talk or move for a while and digest.

Verb: to sit around, not talking or moving, and digest.

from torpor.
After eating a heavy meal of Indian food, we had to sit around the table and torp for a while before we were up for the walk home.

That snake's gone into its torp after eating such a huge antelope.
by lakmiseiru7 April 25, 2011
Treating multiple things in a similar fashion visually or physically usually in an artistic manner.

Created by VTSquire on Wednesday April 21st 2004 after realizing he needed a name to apply to what he does to all of his photoshop projects.
Past tense: "He painted his house all blue with a single yellow stripe. Then he did the same to his car and his television and his face and his cat. He torped them." Present tense :"Samuel is torping his cats again"

Torp, torped, torps, torping.
by VTSquire April 21, 2004
Tittiez that resemble torpedos
Kelsey has torps
by Kdavis420 August 25, 2014
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