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A child who never blows their nose when runny, nor wipes their face after eating a sugary snack. Consequently, dirt and various other debris stick to the child's snotty face resulting in a unsightly nightmare. Usually maple syrup is involved in some way. (i.e. hillbilly kids)
As Pa brought the recently killed raccoon into the backwoods shack, his 6 children ran around screaming and grabbing at the raccoon with their sticky fingers. "Git off now, ya hear? Ya'll ain't nothin' but a bunch o' syrup kids!"
by NatTheBrat79 July 22, 2014
The name for the people who sit at the lunch table before you and leave it a mess.
Dude 1: Dammit! There's syrup splooge all over the tables again!
by conan182 November 14, 2010

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