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Someone who is addicted to hot, sloppy porn! aka. phoffer
If U say I'm a phoffer, well you're wrong (ya hea right!)
by Sabian May 05, 2004
Nice try Sabian, but Syphodillaticanotopius is not the same as Phoffer. Syphodillaticanotopius means someone who suffers from Syphodillaticanotopia, which is, as mentioned above, the love of that porn. Phoffer is Syphodillaticanotopius Frog Shit.
Jeremy is Syphodillaticanotopius at times, although he prefers it when the porn is of guys. (yes, Syphodillaticanotopius MUST be spelt with a capital S!)
by Steaver370 May 07, 2004