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The horrible (not real) disease anyone person could have. (usually spreads like wildfire).

Syphilis, gonorrhea, herpes and aids.
Dude: Dude, your itching your nutsack a lot, whats wrong?
Other Dude: Dude, I think I have a disease.
Dude: Well, what's your symptoms?
Other Dude: Well, it itches.. my anus is seeping, my hair is falling out, my nuts are real red(maybe from the itching), I have explosive diarrhea, my lips are chapped, I have a craving for 80's hair and Glam metal, and one of my nuts shriveled up!
Dude: WHAT THE %^&????????????

Other Dude: WHAT?!
Dude: I THINK YOU HAVE Syphagonnaherpaaids!
Other Dude: What?
Dude: Just shoot yourself, trust me :D
by gln&dst November 29, 2009
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