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a person who is sexually attracted to computer program instructions (code)
"Have you seen the hot new syntax for database migrations in Rails 2.0? They're sexy!

Pre rails 2.0 migration:
create_table :people do |t|
t.column, "account_id", :integer
t.column, "first_name", :string, :null => false
t.column, "last_name", :string, :null => false
t.column, "description", :text
t.column, "created_at", :datetime
t.column, "updated_at", :datetime

Post Rails 2.0 migration:
create_table :people do |t|
t.integer :account_id
t.string :first_name, :last_name, :null => false
t.text :description

"You're such a syntactisexual"
by Ryan Hanks February 19, 2008

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