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(Adj/Noun) When two or more people, under the influence of marijuana, have ideas or experiences that reside on the same frequency or wavelength. These ideas or experiences are then elaborated to one another through similar or identical thought processes. This can be done through vocal and/or wireless transmission. Wireless transmission includes eye contact, smiling, pointing, or any combination of the three directed at another party.

See: Being on the same page, catching one's drift

Note: Sometimes followed by Revelationous Maximus.
Stoner 1: Dude, this sandwich's texture is erupting in my mouth.

Stoner 2: {Smiles, points and nods at Stoner 1} I know exactly what you mean, Bro. You, me, and our sandwiches are on the verge of Synchronizationous Maximus. Let’s go does more bong hits.
by Pi Ups April 26, 2010
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