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(Noun) When one ore more people, under the influence of marijuana, achieve(s) a monumental realization or idea through a systematic progression of thoughts. This process can occur individually or socially. Individually, Synchronizationous Maximus must occur with the individual's surroundings or environment, causing a linear progression of thoughts. Socially, Synchronizationous Maximus must occur with other people causing an exponential (non-linear) progression of thoughts. An ultimate conclusion regarding reality, language, existence, knowledge, perception, or human behavior is revealed to the individual(s) that shakes the fabric of their reality.

Note: Often facilitated by Marinationous Maximus

See: Nirvana, Enlightenment, Tripping Balls
Stoner 1: Dude, the Sun is like a nucleus and the surrounding planets are like electrons.

Stoner 2: DUDE you're right. Our whole Universe could be an atom in another Universe.

Stoner 1: Dude, we'ved achieved Revelationous Maximus.
by Pi Ups April 25, 2010
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