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A person originating from the Northeastern town of Sylhet in Bangladesh. Sylheti also refers to the dialect of Bangla these people speak there. You will find Sylhetis in almost every corner of the planet and especially in London, Birmingham, UK and in New York, USA.

Sylhetis tend to dislike non-sylhetis of all type, especially other Bangladeshis who they refer to as Noakhali or Dhakkaiya irrespective of where these people actually come from. They consider non-sylheti Bangladeshis to be selfish, untrustworthy and lacking their own considerable generosity, especially to strangers. A Sylheti generally thinks other Bangladeshis to be scroungers who are sponging off their incomes and their natural resources and who should be kept as far away from as is possible. As you can imagine, other Bangladeshis are not too fond of Sylhetis.
Are you Sylheti?
by Mak33 March 19, 2010
A person from the North-Eastern district of Bangladesh and people of such descent. Sylhetis have a lot of pride in their Bengali sub-culture. They are hard working people who remember their roots whilst keeping up with the modern world as best they can.

A dialect of the Bengali language spoken by people of the North-Eastern district of Bangladesh and by people who are of such descent.
Guy: Yo, where you off to man?
Sylheti Guy: I'm off to prayer man, then I have to head home or my mom will wait up.
Guy: Damn. Respect and kudos to you bro. You are one true Sylheti.
by Elmo's Number One Fan October 27, 2011
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