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The word given to an American girl, usually a teenager, who wishes she was British, more specifically, English. Such people are likely to put phrases such as "xxx" at the end of their sentences (such as on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc.) as well as spell words like "color" and "favorite" like "colour" and "favourite." You might overhear them talking about the latest English indie rock band while moaning how they desperately want some Yorkshire tea. Sometimes called a "poser." Is occasionally mistaken for a "hipster" because of similar qualities.

Note: The origin of the word comes from the combination of the word "Jumper" (UK) and "Sweater" (US)
Seth: Who's that girl?
Allison: The one the with the died hair and the Sublime Tshirt?
Seth: Yeah.
Allison: Oh, that's just Brooke, your average high school Swumper. You know the type: wants an English accent, only drinks tea, loves Ed Sheeran and Dr. Martens (or in her case Doc Martens) and says "trolley" instead of "shopping cart."
Seth: Oh yeah, we had a swumper at my old high school. She always overused the words wanker and cunt. She also had a major obsession with Sid Vicious.

Allison: Exactly.
by Coldra April 27, 2012