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Sweats + Uggs. Disappointing time of year when chicks trade their shorts, skirts, dresses, heels, and flip flops for sweats and uggs.
We're fucked dude. Just got back from the mall and it's officially Swuggs season for chicks. No more female skin til spring brah.
by KGrand1981 October 20, 2010
The term used when a girl pairs Uggs and unflattering, baggy sweatpants.

Most often seen worn on early mornings, on a University Campus (i.e. University of Western), malls, and the day following heavy drinking.

Swuggs can often be seen paired with a Stink Bun and a Starbucks.
I've got an 8am exam tomorrow...I'll totally be rockin' the Swuggs
by keeponguessin March 10, 2011