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Adjective and/or noun denoting someone with ample attitude, confidence, and style. The term has its origins in the word "Swag", but has been updated for the year 2012.

It is a combination of "swag" and "wow".
Eli definitely turned his Swow on this morning.
by hibach September 28, 2011
When you are so shocked, you can't find the proper word to express yourself. Or when you are so shocked, you begin to curse but realize it is not appropriate.

As if you begin to say "shit" and then censor yourself into "wow".
"I just won $100!"
"Oh, swow."
by KLLC LVR December 14, 2011
A word used when you can't think of the right word. Mostly used as an insult meaning as in your a jerk etc.
For example: You little Swow!
Your a Swow
by Ziwordwoman January 05, 2005

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