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Anagram for: Stupid Waste of Time
Pronounced like "swat". Ex. To swat a bug.
Derek: "Hey man, let's go bird watching"

Andy: "Seems like a swot to me."
by whoopss September 23, 2010
3 24
A swot is a person who excels in a subject or lesson, who never gets anythink wrong and may be teachers pet. A person who needs to get out more!
You swot! you always get everythink right, you dont have a life
by Claire March 27, 2005
18 45
People at school who suck their teacher's dicks, spend all their time trying to get good grades.
Swot: "Man, I didn't revise for that test, i only got 70%"
by normal October 24, 2003
20 62