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An 80% Khmai (Cambodian) street gang that started in Lowell Ma in 1992/1993. Sworn Brotherz originated from the infamous "Street Boyz" Gang of Lowell MA. This gang split into 3 factions in '92/'93. One being "SB/Sworn Brotherz" the other "OSB/Original/Oriental Steet Boyz" and the other "NB/Nature Boyz". The main reason remains unknown. Some say it is because many Street Boyz who were Crips had Blood affiliations and that brought strife in the group. Many of the Crip members went on 2 form Sworn Brotherz. Other members who were torn between both started Nature Boyz which repped Green Rag. At the height of SBkz the leadership swelled to over 200 members with Juniors known as "LSB" Little Sworn Brotherz. Responsible for multiple drive by shootings machette limb choppings, killings, armed home invasion, large quanity drug scales, among other infamous illegal activity. Multiple members have been serving long term prison sentences in the Massachusetts and Rhode Island Prison System. Brutal foes of the TRG Gray Rag set that have battled since the Gray Rag Faction showed up to Lowell from California in 1994!! SBkz Gang is one of the most brutal and notorious KHMAI/LAO street gangs across the country! Although they have no national following like other Cambodian gangs (TRG,ABz,EBG) many wannabe and fake pop up sets started after hearing the wrath of the "Original" Sworn Brotherz!
"Cats kno not 2 step 2 a Sworn Brotherz Gang member unless he strapped the fucc up"
"SB bkeen holdin down spots since u wuz succin ya moms tit lil nigga"
"Oh shit is that them Sbz ova dere? They run mad deep, some scary dudes."
by MILL CITY REPRESENTAH January 29, 2009
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