A schizophrenic
That cat on the corner sure is the filthiest swope I've ever seen. Suicide would be a much better life for her.
by hossenfeffer December 17, 2003
A prison in which the prisoners are subjected to many types of painful torture, mainly aurals. This is a prison for people who like to work until they break down and have to go to therapy. The only way to get through this place is to inhale the paint fumes from the freshly painted walls so your so high you don't know that your being tortured. It makes chinese water torture more fun than six flags.
"I can't hang out with my friends this weekend or really ever cause Swope is taking over my life!!"
by MadHatter123 August 21, 2008
The act of filacio, usually on the verge of climax.
In the past tense:
"My girl was swoping my junk(the depressing version of dong) then I blasted all the way threw the tonsils."
In the present tense:
"Swope it baby swope it."
In the future tense:
"You will swope it. Slut."
by Doctor myDongLong September 05, 2008
A complete and total loser. A guy/girl that tries like hell, has a lot of heart, and still manages to be a douche bag.
Michael finally had the chick of his dreams, a bisexual supermodel with an identical twin sister, but when they got in the bedroom, he blew his load before he could even drop his pants. What a fuckin' swope!
by PimpOmatic July 18, 2003
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