The act of filacio, usually on the verge of climax.
In the past tense:
"My girl was swoping my junk(the depressing version of dong) then I blasted all the way threw the tonsils."
In the present tense:
"Swope it baby swope it."
In the future tense:
"You will swope it. Slut."
by Doctor myDongLong September 05, 2008
A complete and total loser. A guy/girl that tries like hell, has a lot of heart, and still manages to be a douche bag.
Michael finally had the chick of his dreams, a bisexual supermodel with an identical twin sister, but when they got in the bedroom, he blew his load before he could even drop his pants. What a fuckin' swope!
by PimpOmatic July 18, 2003
To be recked by a pro gamer, total annihilation to a gamer.
You just got swoped'!
by Bob Mack September 11, 2014

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