a black man on steroids. Worse than what Southerners considered "niggers." Generally found picking cotton in the fields.
After a night at Delta Swoogie, the girls had to spend the next week in a wheel chair.

Obama ain't no swoogie!
by S0NYAFI3RC3 February 07, 2011
Top Definition
a low class African America that is loud and obnoxious, usually accompanied by 10 screaming nigglets and an Access card with a food stamp balance of a million dollars to support all their illlegitament demon spawns while da baby daddy is up at da state pen.
1)Joe knew it was the 1st of the month by all the Swoogies in the supermarket.

2)Man when I went to South Street, it was crawling with Swoogies.
by Jamie (somewhere in Philly) February 07, 2005
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