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That which is one thing; not pertaining to multiple objects.
Swongs are one thing.
by Onething September 23, 2007
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Swongs: they are one thing.
Peter: Dude, wtf are swongs? People are talking about it everywhere but noone wants to explain to me what they actually are. wtf?
Josh: Swongs. They are one thing.
by Fiksdal October 07, 2007
internet slang for "swings" (in variance or expectation)

commonly referred to as "The Swongs"

Mostly used in the internet gambling community, sometimes as a quick and witty response to someone's bad luck or low-side variance (in results).
If you play enough Poker you're going to experience the swongs.

by **champ** February 17, 2009
Swong = Smoke Weed song. Song which would be perfect while smoking weed. A very calm and relaxing song. Eg. Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People, Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers
Dude, this swong is awesome!!
by superoc January 04, 2012
when the bottom piece of the bikini rides up the buttocks to form a thong.
Dude look at her Swong
by kkreature June 25, 2011
v. to go crazy, to go berko

n. 16 year old girl who is a highly trained assassin
v. "ill go all swong on you!"

n. "what the heck? swong? you rated wade 10/10 on hot or not?"
by wadey August 01, 2004

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