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(Noun) Your life-long gym partner. The one you simply can't lift without. You would never dare let someone else spot you once you've found your true swolemate. You and your swolemate grow together, both literally and figuratively. Age, ethnicity, gender, body type, political affiliation, and sexual preference have no bearing on social acceptance of two people calling themselves swolemates. That is: prejudice against swolemates is non-existent.
Guy1: Dude, why are you here all alone? Where's your swolemate?
Guy2: He tore his rotary cuff doing incline, man. He'll be out for at least a month.
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by Gynomancer May 11, 2013
A swolemate is defined as:
"He is your partner for life. In times of PRs and failed sets, during your bulks and cuts. He's there when you need a spot or someone to record your form. He's there at your meets, during your program peaks, and deload weeks. You two are bonded for life by the glute gods to traverse the gym dimension, acquiring the gains before you in your lifetimes He is more than a bro (or broette). Thou is thy swolemate."

- Excerpt from "The Lift Bible, Chapter 9001 Verse Tree Fiddy"
- Swolemate 1 is preparing for a PR bench press -

Random Guy: "Hey, do you need a spot?"
Swolemate 1: "Sorry, but do you even lift? I've got my swolemate with me."
Swolemate 2: "Dear Brodin, forgive my swolemate for the gains he's about to receive."
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by DeadliftDon February 09, 2015
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