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A brother and sisterhood of Swolebodies, bound together by Muscles, Trust, and Protein. Always leaving a trail of destruction and wet panties.
Person 1: "Man that party was fuckin' wreckin! There was this group of swolebodies just tearing shit up!"

Person 2: "Yah I know, who were those people?"

Person 3: "How could you forget? Swole Patrol, dumbass. They were chanting 'SWOLE' and getting shit pumped the whole damn time!"
by Cassanova91 February 09, 2013
A group of guys that suck dick for money in the gym locker rooms.
Yo where is the swole patrol, I need a good sucking.
by the large johnson December 19, 2012
The Loyola High School football team
crespi kid: bro we just got raped
ND kid: yeah, thats the swole patrol for you
by bigdaddy777 June 12, 2010