The practice of smoking while 'taking a whizz'/pissing.
Was dying for a fag - but had to go to the jacks - so I had a swizz instead
by JohnRob June 29, 2006
Top Definition
An unfair deal; a rip-off.
"Car insurance is a swizz"
by Stephen86 February 22, 2007
Something that is cool.
"Yo Ernie, thats a pretty swizz hat you got on"
by PimpDaddy Swizz March 11, 2004
The sticky combination of sweat and jizz that collects around the base of a man's penis following sex.
Nick reached for a Kleenex to wipe off the swizz that had resulted from their marathon sex session.
by Laughlynne August 19, 2013
"oh Jack! You swizzed in my hair again!
by Jimbo1988 September 22, 2009
everything in the world.
swizz on that! dude i can't even swizz anymore.
by leanne rhimes December 31, 2008
see "swizzole"
Fuck you, swizz...
by swizzbo March 05, 2004
Used to describe something or some one as the S**** or da sex
Mouse is the SWIZZ!!!!!!
by xxxbabyghurlxxx April 03, 2006
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