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A Moltar belonging to a specific 'Poltar' person group (See Poltar), but having the characteristic of possession of one or more Swivel-Style cellular phone carrying devices. To be classified as a true Swivel the Swivel must satisfy two necessary conditions: 1. it must be clipped on the exterior of a garment and not in a pocket or interior position, and readily accessible and visible. 2. The Swivel apparatus must always be perpendicular to the ground, regardless of the position of the carrier, this is also a diagnostic test which will determine if the Swivel joint is properly lubricated and/or positioned. Evidence as to the origin of the Swivel points towards the late 1990's.
"An accountant I knew had a cellular phone that he wore in a Swivel style phone case and it was always clipped on his jeans between his zipper and his pocket so that he could easily reach it if a client called. Others called him a Swivel Molt, and he was the most boring man I ever knew but damn if he didn't have a sweet lookin Swivel" -- Anonymous
by Travonius April 07, 2006
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