European country, although not in Europe, Switzerland is home to people who live together but never speak to each other except on exceptional circumstances, however then in English (which is not an official language despite there are already 4 of them). Being a neutral country, the military service is mandatory and equivalent to about one year altogether for each male citizen. If neutrality was in need of protection, each male citizen has a military assault rifle ready for use at home. However, no one ever thought about using it to kill someone else: Swiss people are very respectful of instructions and were prohibited to use their rifle for military purposes.
Switzerland is considered a tax paradise, not because of its taxes (which are quite significant eventually) but just because the other countries would prefer that their citizens come back paying them in their jurisdiction instead of elsewhere.
Typical dialogue between two nationals in Switzerland:
- Grüezi !
- Désolé je ne comprends pas.
by Attorney^2 February 03, 2014
1) A small landlocked country in Europe.
2) Being neutral.
1) Dude im going to Switzerland this summer!
2) Im going Switzerland on this one.
by Holyswagness December 09, 2013
an awesome landlocked country that lies in the middle of Europe. Switzerland is often mistaken for Sweden or Swaziland. Dumb Americans generally believe that people from Switzerland speak "Swiss" when actually German and French are its main languages.

Switzerland also is a place full of as many expats and foreigners as actual Swiss citizens. International schools rule the country with its crazy students from all over the world.
Mike (an American)- Yo, you lived in Switzerland for 10 years... Does that mean you speak fluent Swiss?
Sarah (girl who lived in Switzerland)- No dumbass, I speak French! Swiss isn't a language.

Kelly- I go to International school in Switzerland, but I'm actually American.
Tony- No way! I go to International school in Switzerland too, but I'm Venezuelan!
by hotpinkrunningshoes August 21, 2011
1.someone who doesn't take sides. They just listen to both sides of a conversation and vacillates between opinions.

2. Someone who just follows you, quietly
"Damn girl you a Switzerland! You followed me to all my classes!"
by turkeyhair November 07, 2011
Don't mention his peace prize.
"What did Switzerland do in the war Mummy?"
"Shut up and eat your toblerone."
by Se llamas llamas May 04, 2012
A) A country in central Europe with lots of mountains.
B) Being on both Team Jacob and Team Edward if you are a Twilight fan. (This is because in Eclipse Bella says she ios on neither side, she is Switzerland which is a nuetral country)
A) I went to Switzerland on holiday!

Girl 1: I'm on Team Jacob, he rocks what about you, Team Edward or Jacob?
Girl 2: I'm Switzerland.
by Kata123 January 06, 2010
Its like the nuetral zone,(becuase they've never been in a war.) Its like having the commitment without the commitment... having the title with out the title. Its the in between of a relationship.
a:So are you guys together?
b:Well not exactly we are in Switzerland !
A.So can you see other people?
b:It hasn't been said i cant but i think it would be wrong? Get it.
by Morganb23 March 29, 2010

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