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Mike Schweitser's small penis.
He has swiss logic in his pants.
by Bakka Woozie May 04, 2003
3 16
When normal logic is full of holes and is rendered entirely incoherenet.
If I could go back in time just once....I'd kill Kennedy.
by OniGenki April 29, 2003
12 8
An indirect reference to the catastrophes that occur as a result of Mike Schweitser's speaking.
When Mike speaks, buildings fall and worlds end, unable to cope with the utter stupidity and incoherance.
by Xeno May 01, 2003
7 13
Mike is probably crying right now.
No really, he is
by NiMbUs May 04, 2003
3 17
Penis Slicer
by Masked Newbie June 03, 2003
3 30