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A hair style often worn by teenage boys where the hair length is between the eyebrows and nose and has a slight curl up at the end. The boy will often flick his head to the side making his hair 'swish' to one side therefore creating swishy hair. This hair style is often popular among the surfing community
Heyy that dude has swishy hair!

Check out the surfer with the swish
by June Snow August 22, 2009
Swishy hair is described to be hair that is long and is swept to the side creating bangs. Justin Beaver has this hair, and makes girls go wild because of his hair. Majority of white girls like this hair, and are more attractive to it.
There isn't really an example for this, but here is one, Justin Beaver has the Swishy Hair.
by HEEEELLLLOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! November 12, 2010
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