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the female act of mounting the male memeber, with intentions of dominating it by performing multiple 360 degree turns (excorscist like) on his member whilst staying more lubricated than a geyser exploding midday at Yosemite Park.
Yo, that cougar just performed a swirl on me! I think I'm gonna marry her...
by Ch0l8t Thndr March 07, 2010
to engage in sex
Were you two swirling all last night
by rick gibbs November 25, 2003
when a chick sucks your dick
I got swirl from her while driving down the freeway
by Ebenezer April 11, 2006
Wheels off an integra gsr that look like swirls.
Those swirls look good on that hatch.
by Andrew December 24, 2004
another name for sex. Also used as a question as to whether you would have sex with a person.
would you have a swirl at that?
Oh yea, I'd have a swirl!
by ben June 20, 2004
half-black people; not to be confused with wiggers or wangstahs.
What's milato? I always called them SWIRLS!
by raechel February 11, 2006
Main Entry: swirl
Pronunciation: 'sw&r(-&)l
Function: noun

1. A foolish or stupid person who admits to having taken a dose of GHB (Gamma hydroxy butyrate), who then proceeds to have sex with Black person/s and swishes the ejaculate of said Black person/s in their mouth before swallowing said ejaculate. 9 previous examples shown above.

2. A person of profound mental retardation having a mental age below three years and generally being unable to learn connected speech or guard against common dangers. The term belongs to a classification system no longer in use and is now considered offensive.

"Paris Hilton"
"Jessica Simpson"
"Brittany Spears"

"Your mother is a swirl!"
"That swirl wasnt born, she was spat out at birth!"

et al.
by Doc Gonzo March 09, 2006