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The state of being extremely drunk.
Wow. I was I ever kertrashed last night, or what!
#drunk #smashed #trashed #ker-trashed #ker trashed
by jmasterfunk October 13, 2006
A reminder of an event that occurred during a drug induced hallucination.

One is temporarily thrown you back into the state experienced during that trip.

Simillar to a flashback.
Dude, that's a total tripback
by jmasterfunk September 15, 2005
A six pack of beer.
I can't believe you brought a slut pack!
by jmasterfunk November 30, 2003
a woman's pelvic area.
it's close to my sweet stuff, but, not too close.
by jmasterfunk September 22, 2003
The artifacts created in an mp3 file. Occours when sample rate and bitrate are low, and some audio information is lost.
that's some horrible swirl on that track, yo.
by jmasterfunk May 26, 2003
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