action of performing oral sex or having oral sex done to you.
tonight this girl going to swipe me up.
i just got swiped up.
do you want me to swipe you up?
can you swipe me up?
by Young Bonez December 04, 2010
1. Non-racial, neutral-gender slur. Derogatory term used to degrade another.
That kid is such a fucking swipe.
by mtwizz March 26, 2008
a person acting like that of turds that have been wiped off the buttox on to toilet paper. Gross, disgusting, having no brain function.
Quit acting like a f*cking 'swipe'!
by starrbutton October 25, 2008
to take a persons virginity
"he definitely swiped her v card last night"

"was that the guy who swiped you?"

"i got swiped on a bathroom floor when i was 13"

"oh shit ho! you just got swiped"
by Monica Lewinsky III April 11, 2007
Toilet paper. Shortening of "arsewipe" (UK) or "asswipe" (US)
Fuck, there's no swipe left in the bathroom again. Damn, I'm gonna have to use my underwear.
by Pengio August 26, 2004
When you take the sweat off your balls and wipe it on somebody's face.
Man its hot im going to swipe you.
by Vahue July 07, 2005
when you wipe your little finger over your sweaty ass crack then run it over there top lip, in a similar way to a dirty sanchez.
"eeew harry just swiped me and now all i can smell is his shit"
by swipeaholic November 12, 2004
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