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When the male sexual partner pulls out just before ejaculation,in the old english school boy style, and proceeds to release his ejaculate wildly onto his female partners facial region. A sample of his load then seeps into her auditory member,left or right, and causing symptoms that would be diagnosed as swimmers ear.
Male: "hey babe is that hair gel in your ear?"
Female: "No, but I think i showered to long because my ear is killing me! I think I may have gotten Swimmers ear."
by Harder, J.R. May 26, 2008
When you're fingering a girl and give her a wet willy with said finger(s)
Man, I'd love to give Sarah Palin swimmer's ear
by Brett Short November 17, 2010
The act of a man blowing a load into the face of an unexpecting victim.
I was so pissed the first time I got Swimmers Ear.
by OHMF January 07, 2012
when you cum in a girls EAR
oooh shit i justcame in your ear now you have SWIMMERS EAR
by YO SON whats GOOD July 05, 2006
When a guy pulls out and nuts in the girl's ear. He then proceeds to kick her in the shin.
Hey Glenn, I gave Wendi a wicked Swimmer's Ear.
by Collin Mancack August 19, 2006