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A girl that is or has been on a swim team that thinks she is the shit and makes sure everyone knows it; displays attitude and an uncalled for opinion on everything; swim team bitchiness diminishes attractiveness; often used as a password to enter the lower locker room door; destroys self esteem of anyone within 15 yards of them while doing this they also convert other girls to being swim team bitches; display self contradicting characteristics; at any one time there is always a queen of the swim team bitches the queen directs the bitches and tells them where they go and where to bitch for that day all lower class bitches follow her and dare not question her authority for she is the devourer of worlds and souls; once a girl has been converted to swim team bitch all hope is lost for them and you should abandon all dreams you ever had that included them(once a swim team bitch always a swim team bitch); keep swim team bitches apart for if they congregate in any one area for two long of a time their power will increase exponentially and nothing shall stop them in their quest to be bitches
A conversation between you and your friend. A swim team bitch will butt in and tell you to stop.

Practice for boys swim team 3:20 PM.
Knock on the locker room door.
Person 1:What's the password?
Person 2: Swim Team Bitch.
Person 1: You may enter.
by He Who Defies The Bitches February 29, 2008
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