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A swiftlifter is a person of male sex, who very easily gets an erection. In some countries, such as America and Britain, this is seen upon as a blessing, because the average dudes there cant get an erection; normally the girls are to fat and/or ugly.

In countries like Norway and Sweden, on the other hand, it is seen upon as a curse. That is because all the girls there are hawt, so guys have no prob getting erections. In these countries, a swiftlifter is considered as a desperate fuck who aint gettin some.
1# Dude, check that lucky mofo out! He has erections like all the time! How does he do it, its like, all the girls here are ugly! He is like a total swiftlifter! OMG, I envy him soo much dudes!!

2# Folks, check that desperate fuck out! He looks like he never had some, he has like a constant erection! Its a swiftlifter, OMG!! Poor mofo.. I feel like sorry for him, my nordic fellows.
by Dwugadwang November 15, 2009

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