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From Los Angeles, California, comes a hard rock sonic sound assault that is on the verge of breaking the barriers of the rock genre for good and all. SWIFTKICK was formed in early 2008 from the ashes of hard rockers TRYPPLE F. Guitarist CHARLIE COMET, bassist JAY "BIG FOOT" MIDDLETON, and drummer DAVID KING enlisted former BARBED WIRE NOOSE/FIASCO VS. 1974 frontman ALEX "THE FIASCO" TASSO, and made their debut at the world-famous Whisky-a-Go-Go on September 24, 2008. Well-received, they were asked to return and share a headlining spot with ALLBRITE on October 18, 2008, playing before a varied audience that embraced SWIFTKICK as a dominant force to be reckoned with.

The Sept. 24th performance caught the attention of Fresno-based promoter Dennis Cook, who booked the band for a private Halloween party. Following the performance, SWIFTKICK became a fan-favorite in Central California. Upon returning to Los Angeles, SWIFTKICK was asked to take part in two prestigious performances: one with L.A. hard rock legends, the L.A. GUNS on January 2, 2009; the other with legendary rock band Y&T on March 21, 2009. Both performances helped to establish a large fan base for the band's ever-growing popularity. In February of 2009, SWIFTKICK enlisted guitarist SCOTTIE CHICLOWE, a perennial guitar virtuoso and the star of a Randy Rhoads tribute band, to finalize the lineup.

Dennis Cook enlisted SWIFTKICK to headline his Fresno Spring Break Bash, attended by thousands. They shared the main stage with such acts as NATIONAL DUST and STATE OF INSOMNIA. They were even asked by Cook to perform a Judas Priest cover song in memory of his late sister. SWIFTKICK performed "Living After Midnight," which has now become a mainstay in their live sets and a driving force behind their current popularity. SWIFTKICK has also released a new radio single, "I Don't," which can be heard on several streaming radio websites, as well as on their website.

Recently, SWIFTKICK caught the attention of RICK JAMES PRODUCTIONS and STX PROMOTIONS AND EVENTS, and SWIFTKICK was given a shot at being the official house band of the Rainbow Bar & Grill on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, pushing them into the ranks of such legendary acts as VAN HALEN, GUNS N ROSES, and THE DOORS. Most recently, the band has been added into the finals of the West L.A. Battle of the Bands, sponsored by DeMarkco Chandler Productions and Time Warner Cable.

SWIFTKICK continues to play the circuit, and, given the opportunity, will put on the best show possible, which includes exotic rock-ballet performances by L.A.-based exotic ballerina, ZINANGELIS, who has become a popular part of the SWIFTKICK experience.
Hey man, you going to the Swiftkick show in Hollywood tonight?
by xandarr0 June 22, 2009
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To steal the rightful spotlight from someone.Usually done with bad intentions or out of jealousy.Commonly performed by those in need of constant attention.Derived from the Taylor Swift incident at the 2009 MTV Awards,at which Kanye West innapropriately grabbed the microphone and went on a his own rant during her big moment.
Denise:"Did you see the Swift kick?"

Abigail: "You mean when Cindy was blowing out her birthday candles and her little brother started throwing a tantrum for no reason?...Yeah I saw it."
by Mr. Barryworth September 14, 2009
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