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To be in a short and unsatisfying relationship with Taylor Swift, only to have a write an insulting song about you after you break up.
Person 1: Did you hear? Harry Styles and Taylor Swift just broke up! He's totally about to be swifted!!

Person 2: Really? I guess he's about to join the ranks of Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer, and all those other poor fools who got caught in the witch's trap.

Person 1: Wow, maybe she's the problem.

Person 2: It doesn't matter to her since she gets paid for every guy she swifts
by PeePeePooPooShire January 08, 2013
To write a song about someone who broke up with you much like Taylor Swift
(Person 1) John broke up with Lucy

(Person 2) Man she is so going to SWIFT him

(Person 1) I know she is probely SWIFTING him tonight at the show

(Person 2) man she probely all ready SWIFTED him!!!!
by ThatMusicGroup5 April 12, 2015
The act of setting a person's computer to play Taylor Swift songs on demand, from another computer.
"Did you hear what happened to Wes?"

"No, what?"

"His ass got swifted!"
by these_guys September 23, 2013
Derived from Kanye West stealing the mic off Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMA's after she won best female video.

being in the middle of an acceptance speech or something similar and having a someone interrupt you to say someone else was better.
"Kanye totally swifted that chick at the VMA's on sunday"

"yeah what a dick that guy was"
by P-Mo-Slice September 15, 2009
When or talking to people (most girls) and they immediately fall for you your swifted
Dude I was talking to Halle and I said I have a mustang and she swifted on my ass
by Mr .smyth February 12, 2015
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