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Similar to that of the word swiggy but with more of a gross nature. swidgy can be more possitily defined as the noise and texture one experiences once they have acheved the most perfect sense of happiness and joy, or the most amazing climactic moment of a situation.

swidgy can also be related to the popuri of emotions one gets when spending time with the family!!!!
(noun) Was that your swidgy i wipped off the floor. or she had some nasty swidgy comming out of her nose.

(verb)someone acting in a way unbecoming or excepted by and social group of human or non humans. Using your self as a way to deter folks from approching you. sometimes Swidgy can refer to a smell so vile and rencid that those even remotly in ofactory distance will soon drop to thier nees and implode.
(adj)after finishing a beverage or meal the ten day old residue now with new life apeering was infact swidgy to the ee the nose and the skin.
by Andthelivinseasy April 09, 2007
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