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A contraction of the words retarded and Swedish, often used to refer to certain Swedish World of Warcraft gamers.
Swetards are often (but not exclusively) young players who have yet to mature and/or learn to play the game.
The term swetard is commonly used on the European World of Warcraft server "Shattered Hand", which is infested with them.

Swetards insist on asking "from?" to anyone that joins the group, or simply revert to the dreaded "SWE?".

Swetards often spam all forms of chat in Swedish.
This strange and annoying phenomenon has 2 possible origins:
- Swetards are too stupid to learn English and depend on the little manglish they know.
- Swetards are too arrogant to conform to the official server language, which is English.
Goddamn swetards wiped my pug again. >_<
I hate swetards and I hope Blizzard gives them their own server soon!
Stupid swetards won't stop spamming trade and general chat again... >_<
by I_D January 06, 2009
Swedish person incessantly dumb, ergo retarded.

Typically used for swedish people who are new to the internet, and computers and have no idea how to handle them. Your average swetard is fanatical about the game 'World Of Warcraft' and lets it consume their life, rejecting even their closest friends to frolic in its polygons.
Swetard: I love WoW and think its better than rl.

1337Brit: oh gawd its a swetard. *facepalm*
by Flamecakes July 05, 2009
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