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Verb. Refers to the act of placing one's nose in between another's ass cheeks (gently) and repeatedly sniffing. The sniffing can be either forceful or slight. Sweezing is a universal intimate practice and can be utilized in all sexual formats.
McGee gently parted Courtney's cheeks and sweezed her for a minute or two at the start of their tryst. He found her smell and essence divine.
by Tuna Man August 11, 2009
A sneeze while having Swine Flu OR a Swine Flu Sneeze. Can also be used as a question or suggesting someone may have Swine Flu.
"Was that a sneeze or a sweeze?"
"Don't sweeze on me"
"I think I just sweezed!"
by Ad.Co August 06, 2009
Slang term for semen.
Dan now has 50% less sweeze.
by sodapopp August 22, 2009

(n) Noun the act of being stylish and really cute. A person, an outfit or an action can be Sweeze.
I like your outfit today Miranda, It's hella Sweeze.
by Shaena November 17, 2007