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A sneeze while having Swine Flu OR a Swine Flu Sneeze. Can also be used as a question or suggesting someone may have Swine Flu.
"Was that a sneeze or a sweeze?"
"Don't sweeze on me"
"I think I just sweezed!"
by Ad.Co August 06, 2009
Verb. Refers to the act of placing one's nose in between another's ass cheeks (gently) and repeatedly sniffing. The sniffing can be either forceful or slight. Sweezing is a universal intimate practice and can be utilized in all sexual formats.
McGee gently parted Courtney's cheeks and sweezed her for a minute or two at the start of their tryst. He found her smell and essence divine.
by Tuna Man August 11, 2009

(n) Noun the act of being stylish and really cute. A person, an outfit or an action can be Sweeze.
I like your outfit today Miranda, It's hella Sweeze.
by Shaena November 17, 2007
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