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When a man takes a shit in his hand and proceeds to slap a woman across the face with the hand filled with shit
She would not stop talkin shit so i had to give her a sweetlove.
by Mennagin March 02, 2008
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something you call someone that means the world or more to you. You like them in a boobiliously loving way. you love them more than you could ever loved and give your heart and soul to them, wouldnt have a second thought about giving up your life for them. you love them for everything they do and say and they are perfect to you in every way. Seeing them smile is the best thing that can ever happen in a day.
Guy: ' hey sweet love how are you'

Girl' good how are you muffin'
guy ' Hey need a heart trasplant dont you?'
girl: ' yeah"

Ten hours later
Girl ' who's the donner?'
Doctor: i dont know all he said was to tell you ' My heart belongs to you Sweetlove'

Girl started to cry
by Boobsissacool August 09, 2011
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To have a real bad day where nothing makes any sense.
"i'm having a sweetlove"
by Barry Girth February 25, 2010
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