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Sleep well, as in good night. Said to someone before they fall asleep.
"Good night. Sweet dreams."

Synonyms: Pleasant Dreams, 56...
5: s-w-e-e-t
6: d-r-e-a-m-s
by danthesandman December 16, 2012
Is a "slang" word for Heroin.
He's always out here begging for his next fix of that sweet dreams.
by Diamond cluster hustler August 25, 2005
When you place feces inside of a victim's pillow case and they sleep on it. Depending on consistency, it's usually best to place the violated side face down on bed to keep victim from noticing obvious staining/lumps, etc.
When an upper decker isn't an option, a sweet dreams is always a nice alternative.
by flickab July 17, 2008