1. very cool
2. Totally kick ass.
3. The term used when someone lands an impressive trick/move/goal in any game.
"Sweetish!!" said Tom when I landed a varial heelflip over the set of four stairs.
by PaulJar the Pornostar November 11, 2003
Those who Smoke Weed EveryDay
You know Steph is SWEDish... she buys by the pound.
by Zenjerman April 20, 2015
They own a huge furniture/Swedish restaurant company named Ikea. Their international neighbors are Norway and Finland.
Barney went to Sweden and had some great Swedish beer.
by Bear.. February 17, 2009
A sexual practice when a man puts his erect penis between a pair of large lubricated breasts and pumps until he reaches orgasm thus producing an ejaculation. In California this is called "Russian". Also known as a "tit fuck" or "Swedish fuck". The bigger the breasts the better the act and sensations leading to orgasm.
My wife allowed me to do Swedish on her when she gets her period. Her tits are the largest on that time of month.
by Melinda Goldberg October 10, 2004
A person who smokes weed every day.
I've been swedish for 3 years.
by mattspat January 22, 2012
A simple way of saying "sweet" (in agreement or approval) . Meaning "ok" or "cool" in confirming an arrangement.
A:Dude, I'll see u around 7?

I'm gonna borrow your car, is that Swedish?
by kokiinventedenglish September 22, 2010
Derived from the word sweet

Can be used to replace sweet in a sentence or used to describe a person, item or situation.
Yo that girl was hot!

Yeah man swedish!


Hey man i'll be over in half hour.

reply - Swedish
by BeSpoken February 20, 2008

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