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n: The act of a man inserting only his testicles into a woman's vagina; The act of intercourse using only a man's testes and the birth canal.
Sam: "Yo dude, how was Sally last night?"
Matt: "I was too good to her."
Sam: "Why?"
Matt: "I gave her a Swedish Poptart."
by buttchuggsonbuttchuggs December 06, 2013
A masseur that sticks a finger in your badonkadonk and breaks 2 of your scrotums.
Dear Hotel Staff/ Manager,

Your so-called expert masseur not only stuck a finger in my badonkadonk, but he also broke two of my scrotums while giving me a Swedish Poptart.
by Folfsky May 29, 2011
by roberts terms, sex with a spatula....lik a cherry pop tart: pop it and part it.
Damn robert, did you swedish pop-tart that girl?
hells YEA!!
by kelseyyyyy katttt November 10, 2008
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