A malnutritioned, dislexic, red-headed, math teachers, with crones disease's way to explain a verbal math problem involving sweatSHIRTS and discounts...
What was the price of the sweatshits after a 15% discount.
by John and Derek June 22, 2006
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A very strained bowel movement, in which you strain so hard you start sweating. Can also be considered the act of giving birth to a food baby.
"Where did you go to eat last night?"
"PF Changs"
"I love eating there."
"Me too, but it always gives me a serious case of the sweatshits"

"Four hours after going to the buffet, I sweatshit my food baby."
by pusiwillow September 12, 2013
n. The product that results from the act of being so scared that you have an accidental bowel movement.
Seth was so scared of the burglar that he filled his pants with sweatshit.
by turdtothefurgeson December 07, 2011

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