cannot really be defined but in terms to understand it can be understood as being dumb, stupid, retarded, saying something that is absurd.
i cant believe you said that, you swear!
by Jackielyn April 13, 2008
(verb) when someone thinks they're SO much better than others; someone who is conceited and vain, and definately wants others to notice.
"that girl so swears on her outfit"
"she so swears! look at the way she's walking!"
by phoebe h. November 21, 2005
Here are the swears.

1. Fuck
2. Ass
3. Shit
4. Cunt
5. Bitch
6. Bastard
7. Hell
8. Dick
9. Crap
10. Damn
11. Hor

All 11 swears
1. Fuck you, fucker.

2. That was a fine ass, yo.

3. Aww, I just took a huge shit.

4. I fucked that cunt up nice.

5. The bitch was so damn fine.

6. That bastard, he'll never fuck women again.

7. Damn you to hell!

9. You sir, are a dick.

10. Damn, you fuck fine.

11. That dirty hor left me without fucking me.

All swears.
by Alhoon April 01, 2006
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