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A word used to describe someone being attractive or sexy. Created by Tory Lanez to describe the sexiness of an individual. Someone who is very attractive would be swavey.
Them jeans that you wearin' lookin swavey you should let me take them off of you.
by jpugz5 March 06, 2011
Originally from the rapper Tory Lanez and popularized by the rapper Sorrell, the word is the equivalent of the words cool or tight to compliment someone or something in the greatest sense.
Those nikes on yo feet are swavey.
by REMIXS3X February 02, 2012
Swag, an attractive person, or a cool person.
That guy has so much swavèy!
by Richard Shinnick IV February 15, 2015
Created by A Gautam, derived from Torey Lanez word Swavey, used to describe somone who is sexy, someon wtih swag, somthing which looks sick and has style
Come get Swavey with me
Damm that fitted is swavey
by AGauthom April 12, 2011

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